Causes of white particles in your urine.


This is a common question and is most often the result of a bladder infection. Not mentioned in the article as a cause is the change in the ph of the urine by certain foods that will create phosphate crystals. This is a benign situation but often times a concern to patients. Read More.

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One thought on “Causes of white particles in your urine.

  1. I have white particles in urine. I drink 2 gallons of water everyday to limit the amount in my urine. The next day it’s back and I drink lots of water again. I am beginning to get tightness from my rectum to my testicles and up to my lower stomach. It will not go away. I have had two rounds of antibiotics and it comes right back. I am 65 years old with a large prostate. Is this going to be the norm for me from now on.


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