Clarkesville, GA | Nov 18, 2017
I am a new patient of Dr. McHugh’s and I have already seen what a good man and a good doctor he is. I found his staff to be professional, graceful and caring. Dr. McHugh is very knowledgeable in urological medicine, he is very personable and caring, which are all traits you look for in a doctor and a friend. He is definitely a 5 star doctor.


Cornelia, Ga | May 04, 2017
I felt very comfortable and at ease as soon as I walked in the office. There was a little paperwork to fill out but nothing too bad. Dr McHugh was very knowledgeable on my issue and even said that if I would like to visit another urologist for a 2nd opinion it would be ok with him. Made me feel more confident in him. I would recommend him.


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