Hello and Happy New Year!

My husband and I had a vasectomy reversal on February 8, 2018. We are happy to report that we are pregnant! Thank you to all of you who participated in our care, especially Dr. McHugh. We are so pleased and excited. I will, (hopefully) send baby pictures later this year.

C and I

Seymour, IN | Nov 20, 2017
Dr. McHugh performed my Vasectomy. His bedside manner was great. He made me feel very comfortable with what he was doing. I had heard that the worst part of a Vasectomy was the needle used to numb the area and the bruising afterwards. Dr. McHugh uses a Medijet injector to numb the area, this uses high pressure to force the medicine through the skin and NO NEEDLE. It is now 10 days after my Vasectomy and I had zero bruising. I would recommend Dr. McHugh to anyone looking to get a Vasectomy.