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Smyrna, Ga Vasectomy Reversal: Dr. McHugh is a board certified urologist who has performed hundreds of microscopic vasectomy reversals in our practice owned and accredited urological surgery center using a Zeiss operating microscope. General anesthesia is provided by a board certified anesthesiologist.

John C. McHugh M.D.

Dr. McHugh has practiced in Northeast Georgia for over 30 years. He is a board certified urologist and Georgia’s most experienced no scalpel vasectomy and microscopic vasectomy reversal urologist.

Our Surgery Facility

Established in 2008 our urological surgery center is state licensed, AAAASF accredited and fully staffed and equipped to perform microscopic vasectomy reversals efficiently and safely with general anesthesia.

Total Reversal Price

Our all-inclusive price includes the facility, operating microscope, microscopic suture and instrumentation, surgeon fees and general anesthesia by a board certified anesthesiologist. Performing reversals in our practice owned and on site surgery center adds value to the experience and expertise of our team.

“Thank you Dr. McHugh! After our third child was born my husband and I thought we were done having children. I researched urologists who performed reversals and Dr. McHugh really stood out. My husband had his consultation and he agreed that he was a great doctor and felt really comfortable with him. The reversal was done in October and we were pregnant 4 months later. We couldn’t believe it and were so ecstatic. Our perfect little girl was born in November…we could not imagine life with her. If you are considering a reversal Dr. McHugh is the one you should see. We HIGHLY recommend him. Thank you so much to him and is staff. INCREDIBLE!”

M and R K.

Helping couples with a precious new addition to their family by microscopic vasectomy reversal.

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Vasectomy Reversal Family

Vasectomy Reversal Success! Thank you.

vasectomy reversal baby

Dr. McHugh,

Thank you so much for my husband’s successful reversal that you performed in October 2021. We found out we were expecting in the beginning of January and our son was born on 9/7 at 34 weeks (preeclampsia). He is such a wonderful edition to our family and we are so grateful to you for making this possible!

Thank you!

J. and K.

Vasectomy reversal and … Luck? You bet!

The surgeon, the interval of time since the vasectomy and …a sperm granuloma. Of the three important factors of a reversal, the quality of the fluid at the time of the reversal involves a bit of luck.

When the tube closest to the testicle is cut, fluid emanates from the cut edge and then is examined. The quality of the fluid is an important factor in the success of the reversal. So…clear or slightly milky fluid with whole sperm has a higher success rate than say creamy fluid and sperm parts. Having a sperm granuloma or testicles that just happened to protect the quality of sperm after a vasectomy, gives the patient a higher success rate.

Having good fluid to work with at the time of a vasectomy reversal is simply…good luck.

I’m reading a book on the the North African campaign during WW2. There were many qualities in a general that were important in their advancement. One of the biggest qualities that aided advancement in rank was the general’s history of good luck.

I’d rather be lucky than good.

A common surgeon’s aphorism.

Vasectomy? Most common question.

The misconception is that since a vasectomy is performed near the testicles, that it will affect testosterone.

Will a vasectomy affect my sex life?

A vasectomy only removes sperm from the ejaculate. It has no effect on serum testosterone.

So, men will have to come up with another “objection” for taking the “plunge” that is the decision to consent to scheduling the procedure.

Post vasectomy job number 1!

It ain’t over…until we say it’s over!

John McHugh M.D.

Once the vasectomy procedure is over and you are well on your way to full recovery, the next important thing to remember is , “No unprotected sex until there is proof there are no residual sperm in the ejaculate.”

Many patients feel that the time from the vasectomy is the factor that influences sterility, however it is the number of ejaculations. It usually requires 20-30 ejaculations to achieve sterility (i.e. no sperm).

You can use in certain cases the test kit available from, however at Northeast Georgia Urological Associates we personally evaluate each post vasectomy specimen under a microscope at no additional charge.

How your anticipated urologist plans to handle the evaluation of your specimen, the cost if any, how it is done, may be one of the factors that should determine who performs your vasectomy.

We’ve done thousands, we offer conscious sedation (absolutely painless), accept most all insurances and offer fair all inclusive pricing for self pay patients.

Give us a call-we will take good care of you.