Dr. McHugh is a board-certified urologist who has been practicing in Gainesville since 1986. He grew up in LaGrange, Georgia. He was a cadet at North Georgia College in Dahlonega, Georgia, before attending medical school in Augusta, Georgia.  He performed his urological residency at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta.  Dr. McHugh is board-certified in Adult and Pediatric Urology. He and his wife Karen have three children.  He is a member of the First United Methodist Church in Gainesville, GA.

In addition to performing  common urological procedures, Dr. McHugh has a particular interest in the GreenLight Laser procedure for enlarged prostate, consultations for a second opinion regarding prostate cancer therapy, and performing microscopic vasectomy reversals in our ambulatory surgery center. Click on picture for Vasectomy Reversal Website.


Dr. McHugh has authored a book about the decision making process for the newly diagnosed prostate cancer patient, The Decision: Your prostate biopsy shows cancer. Now what? Medical insight, personal stories, and humor by a urologist who has been where you are now.

Over 200,000 times a year a patient will leave his urologist’s office having been told he has prostate cancer.  What the patient thought to be a disease of old men from which they do not die,


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Dr. McHugh’s Blog on Prostate Cancer-One of the most visited prostate cancer resources in America.


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