“Pains” after a vasectomy…is it phantom?

Can be. Post surgical issues of testicular or scrotal procedures are complicated by the fact that the patient can see and feel the area of healing. In other words you can’t see or feel the area of healing of an appendectomy. In addition the testicles move around and this too keeps the fact that something has been done heavy on the mind of the male patient. So many times I’ll see  a patient after a vasectomy and they will tell me that one or both of their testicles are swollen. Commonly I examine them and everything is normal. I can only deduce that the post surgical changes  brought about by cutting the vas tube and sealing it has set in motion a chain of events that causes discomfort and is perceived by the patient as being “swollen.” 

From Vasectomy.com-Dr. McHugh opines.

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