Cialis-the new male wonder drug?


  • Cialis is a PDE-5 drug that is approved for the use of both erectile dysfunction and BPH (prostate enlargement).
  • PDE-5’s dilate the smooth muscle in blood vessels which causes  increased blood flow.
  • Because there is smooth muscle in the corpora of the penis, dilation of the blood vessels aids in erections.
  • Because there is smooth muscle in the area of the bladder neck and prostate, this also improves the flow of urine in the male with an enlarged prostate.
  • Because there is smooth muscle in the ureters, durgs like Cialis improve the chances of passing a ureteral stone (now referred to as expulsion therapy).
  • Other drugs in this class have been approved for pulmonary hypertension due to the smooth muscle effect.
  • Because nitroglycerin is a blood vessel dilator, it is contraindicated to use drugs like Cialis in a patient with heart disease and may need to take nitroglycerine.

If you add in the fact the drug only acts when it is needed by the male and that it has an effect for 36 hrs…you might agree that Cialis is indeed the new…Vitamin C.