Vasectomy-One opening or two?

“We make a point to…Cater to Cowards.”

There are two vas deferens…one for each testicle. Some urologists prefer to make two openings on each side of the scrotum to do a vasectomy. No big deal, the openings are small…but they make two of them.

If you had a choice, would you want to be cut once or twice?

Dr. McHugh uses one no scalpel opening in the upper middle of the scrotum the size of a grain of rice. There are no sutures required. We feel one opening is better, quicker, heals sooner, and contributes to decreasing the time to perform the vasectomy.

Dr. McHugh does hundreds of vasectomies a year, over a thousand in his career and makes a point to do everything possible in making your vasectomy a pleasant experience.

Give us a call-we accept most all insurances, offer an “absolutely pain free option” with conscious sedation at minimal additional cost and have an all inclusive fair price for self pay patients.

Click for “McHugh eBook on “Everything you’d want to know about a vasectomy but your wife forgot to ask.”

Remember: Just google: “McHugh Vasectomy”

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