Kidney stones often mimic a bladder infection.


The stone seen above is half in the ureter and half in the bladder. Much like a baby crowning before being delivered. Just before the ureter enters the bladder it travels about an inch between the layers of the bladder muscle. When a stone, such as you see above, is in this area of the ureter the patient will experience symptoms very similar to a bladder infection. Because the stone irritates the bladder the urine will have the look of a bladder infection as well, which further confuses the diagnosis.

Urologists often see females in consultation because of what is felt to be a recurrent or difficult to manage bladder infection when in fact on CT scan there is a stone in the intramural portion of the ureter. With treatment of the stone the symptoms very quickly go away.

A simple way to prevent stones is to always be well hydrated, limit salt and add lemon to the water you drink.

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