Hematospermia after a vasectomy?


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How to treat an overactive bladder with natural remedies – Medical News Today


If This “hatpin” Could Talk!


One of Dr. McHugh’s favorite patients gave him this pin. Her grandfather removed it from a patient in New York in 1900. We now have a shadowbox with the story in our office. It is our office’s favorite stopping place for our patients.

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Tricks to help you empty your bladder better!

Urologists often use ultrasound to perform a bladder post void residual. This is commonly done on patients who have a history of bladder infections, incontinence or a history of a poor stream with the feeling of incomplete emptying. If this value is high, it should be less than 50ccs (about an once and a half), then something needs to be done to correct that. There are surgeries for men, and meds for both the male and female howvever the technique of double voiding is a conservative way to improve how the bladder empties. The rationale and technique is nicely explained in this article from Medical News Today.

From Medical News Today

Double voiding: A guide to bladder-emptying techniques